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Professor from University of Calgary delivered a lecture

   May 4th,2017—Professor Guo from the Werklund Schoolof Education, University of Calgary delivered alecture which is entitled “Chinese mobilities in the age of transnationalmigration: Theorizing the triple glass effect from the experience of recent Chineseimmigrants in Canada”.  The theory of triple glass effect is thetheoretical achievement after Professor Guo conducted a questionnaire survey on255 Chinese immigrants in Alberta and analyzed the outcome of the survey. Allthe research staff, lecturer and students from CCS took the lecture.

   As is known, the survey carried out by Professor Guo focused on the main cities ofAlberta—Edmonton and Calgary, and the aim of the survey was to understand howthe Chinese immigrants blend into the Canadian society. The results turned outto show that recent immigrants tend to be younger and better-educated thantheir predecessors, while the difficulties that recent Chinese immigrantsconfronted are mainly employment and language. More specifically, the insufficientrecognition  of the prior working and education experiences of the Chineseimmigrants contributed to the current torturing issue of low employment,underemployment and even unemployment. In contrast, Canadian degree holdershave more possibility in terms of employment and upward mobility. Professor Guotheorized this to a triple glass effect consistingof a glass gate, glass door, and glass ceiling. While a glass gate deniesimmigrants’ entrance to guarded professional communities, a glass door blocksimmigrants’ access to professional employment at high-wage firms. It is theglass ceiling which prevents immigrants from moving up to management positionsbecause of their ethnic and cultural differences.

   After the lecture,Professor Guo discussed with CCS students and lecturers pertaining the lectureand introduced measures and policies adopted by the Canadian government toaddress the problems that Chinese immigrants faced. CCS students and researchstaff raised several questions about the current immigration and refugee issue.





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