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Gordon Houlden revisits CCS

April 25th, 2017--the director of China Institute in the University of Alberta, Professor Gordon Houlden, who is a famous expert on China and the former director of Northeast Asia Department of Global Affairs of Canada,revisited CCS in the accompany of Han Pingping who is the Cultural Affair Officer of Canadian Consulate in Guangzhou. It is known that Professor Gordon was accompanying the Premier of Alberta. The director of CCS-- Professor Tang Xiaosong, research fellows and students of CCS participated in the discussion. Moreover, Gary Wasserman---the political science professor in Gorgetown University also took part in the conversation.  

Professor Gordon briefly introduced the China Institute of Alberta University, including the research fellow, their main research field, the projects undergoing, etc.

At the meeting, all participants shared their own opinions on many issues, such as the history and prospect of China-Canada relation, the implications on both Canada and the political, economic and trade relations between US and Canada, the future of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Canada, the development of oil industry of Alberta in the context that trade protectionism is on the rise, the differences and similarities between the Harper administration and Trudeau administration, the further move of America toward nuclear issue of Northeast Asia, the military operation in Syria and its impact on the policy and strategy of Trump government in the future and the opinions on the present situation and prospect of TPP.

Professor Gordon has been focused on the research on China-Canada relation for a long time. And he argued that theres no strong resentment toward one another in the communication and exchange between China and Canada, and the China-Canada relation is now embracing a golden era full of opportunities. He also concludes that its likely to foresee that changes and progresses are to be made in areas like politics, diplomacy and economy. In addition, Professor Gordon expressed his point of view on the Free Trade Agreement between China and Canada, which is that the discussion will soon be shifted into opening of negotiation, but Washingtons attitude should be carefully watched out.Professor Gary also offered his viewpoint on the strategy of Trump administration, and its easy for Trump to adjust his policies so composure and patience are required.

CCS staff also discussed with Professor Gordon about the future collaboration on exchange of personnel and research cooperation.


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