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Survey in CCS by Research Assistant of Carleton University

   April 11th, 2017--Li Botao, a master candidate of Faculty of Public Affairs in Carleton University came to CCS and conducted a survey as a research assistant of the research program led by Professor Jeremy Paltiel. Professors, research staff and students of CCS participated in the discussion.  

  It’s learned that Professor Jeremy Paltiel is currently working on a research program studying Canadian studies around the world by integrating the research resources in Carleton University and UBC and Duke. Li Botao is conducting the survey for the sub-project of Canadian Studies in China: from Academic Patronage to Public Diplomacy with specific focus on current situation of Canadian studies in China.  

Li Botao asked in detail about the constitutes of CCS, the educational backgrounds and focus field of research staff in CCS, the founding process of CCS, the grants of national level or from the Ministry of Education, research achievements of CCS, CCSEP and grants from SACS, communication between CCS and Canada Consulate in Guangzhou, grants from Canadian government to support Canadian Studies in China, cooperation between CCS and other Canadian study institutions of other colleges or universities in South China, etc. CCS explained all the mentioned and would like to offer some help for the completion of the research project.  

Right now, Canadian studies in China are confronted with predicaments such as insufficient research grants, declined supports of Canadian government to public interchange activities, imbalance of reciprocal educational and academic exchange between China and Canada. All these were made known to Li Botao in hope of strengthening personnel exchange and academic communication.  

After the discussion, students from CCS communicated with Li Botao pertaining their research programs and oversea study life.


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