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Professor Robert Ross: Sino-American relations

On October 10 2016, Professor Robert Ross from American Boston Institute came to CCS and delivered a lecture about Sino-American relations. The lecture was hosted by Professor Tang Xiaosong, the CCS Director. CCS staff members and students from CCS and other faculties attended the lecture.  

Professor Ross addressing Sino-American relations

Professor Robert Ross first pointed out that the relationship between China and America has been at its worst since 1972. Partly it is due to power transition which often causes conflicts among great powers. The power transition can be divided into 2 periods: the first one from 1949 to 1989, and the second one from 1990 to now. “Violent” can be used to describe the first period of power transition. In the second period, China becomes a naval power. Some behaviors, for example setting up Air Defense Identification Zone in East China Sea, building islands in South China Sea and so on make China seems like a rising power and thus make some neighboring countries nervous. American interference in these regions is out of “containment”. Although there exists conflicts between China and America, it is not likely that a new cold war will come into existence between China and America, for unlike the Soviet Union, China is more capitalist than socialist; the world today is not polarized with more cooperation among nations; the theory of nuclear weapons is based on Europe not on the world as a whole. To conclude, professor said that, China needs more patience rather than military force, while America should also control its military forces.

During and after the lecture, professors, researchers and students interact with Professor Robert Ross actively. Professor Robert Ross’s lecture was very successful and won applause from all the people present.

Professor Ross and the staff and students of CCS


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