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Professor Gary Levy’s academic project in CCS

Gary Levy, a professor from Carleton University, paid a visit to CCS and started his academic project that lasted for 2 months in CCS.

During his stay in CCS, he gave a series of lectures concerning Canadian studies and Sino-Canadian relations to researchers and postgraduate students of CCS and of other faculties. The topics of his lectures include energy policy in Canada and China, public diplomacy in Canada and China, perceptions and misconceptions as well as public opinion between people in Canada and people in China, flow of people and the China-Canada relationship, diplomatic relations between Canada and China, Canada-China trade and investment relations and so on.

Prof.Levy addressing Sino-Canadian relations

Apart from giving enlightening lectures, Professor Levy also attended Press Conference for the Publication of Annual Report on the Development of Canada (2016) and International Academic Conference on Canadian Studies: Trudeau’s Foreign Policy. He participated in the related panel discussion concerning political subjects.  

Prof.Levy was appointed as an adjunct professor at CCS

Prof.Levy and the staff and students of CCS


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