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Professor Wang Wenfeng visits GDUFS

 On April 27th, 2016, Professor Wang Wenfeng, a researcher of Chinese Institute for Contemporary International Relations and editor in chief of Contemporary International Relations, visited Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and gave a lecture to professors and students of GDUFS with the theme of a research of contemporary American political and societal deep-rooted contradictions through analyzing Trump phenomenon’”. The lecture was hosted by Human Resources Division of GDUFS and Center for Teacher Development of GDUFS, and organized by Center for Canadian Studies of GDUFS. Professors and postgraduate students of CCS, postgraduate students major in international relations as well as professors and postgraduate students from other departments attended the lecture.  

Prof.Wang addressing Trump phenomenon

Professor Wang first pointed out that Trump phenomenon is characterized by anti-elites actions, anti-establishment actions, anti-rational actions, negative sentiments and the inclination to challenge political correctness. Professor Wang presented Trumps slogans and positions and generalized features of those who support Trump --- losers who are misguided, gullible, uninformed and stupid.    

 Then, Professor Wang analyzed factors that incite contemporary American peoples strong sense of indignation of and concern about American society. The still high unemployment rate, the enlarging wealth gap, the trend of political fragmentation, clashes between two mainstream American value systems and so on all count as important reasons.    

Prof.Tang presenting souvenir to Prof.Wang Wenfeng

In the end, Professor Wang encouraged professors and students to probe into the so called new normal of American Politics.  

During the lecture, Professor Wang interacted with professors and students actively, focusing on specific academic questions. The lecture ended with a great success.  

Prof.Wang and the audiences


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