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Professor John Kirton visits CCS

On May 12th, 2016, John Kirton, Professor of University of Toronto came to CCS and delivered a lecture about The Frontiers Research on G20 and Global Economic Governance. The lecture was hosted by Professor Tang Xiaosong, the CCS Director. CCS staff members and students from CCS and other faculties attended the lecture.  

Prof. John Kirton addressing the frontiers research on G20 and global economic govermance to the audience

 John Kirton previewed the history of Canadas development, briefly introduced the diplomatic network that Canada has built with America, Britain, Russia and Japan after the Second World War and discussed Canadas relationship with China, Russia, Japan and America during several Canadian prime ministers administration.  

 Professor John Kirton then mentioned the development of G20 Summit, pointed out that it has become a platform for participating countries to involve in global governance and that hosting it proved to be a good chance for Canada to take part in shaping global order. Canada is looking forward to Chinas presentation of the G20 Summit of 2016 in Hangzhou.  

Finally, Professor John Kirton mentioned that China shows its leadership in terms of global climate governance, but ecological civilization development may not be a smooth process, and that may be a challenge for China.

Prof.Tang presenting Blue Book of Canada to Professor John Kirton

 Professor John Kirton’s lecture was very successful and won applause from all the people present. After the symposium, souvenirwas given to Professor Kirton by Professor Tang Xiaosong on behalf of CCS.  

Prof. John Kirton and the staff of CCS


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