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CCS staff attends Pan Maoyuan Symposium

June 17, 2015 – On June 13, Pan Maoyuan Symposium of Higher Education Pedagogy was held at the University of Jinan. The symposium aimed to offer scholars a platform to exchange ideas and working experience in higher education institutions. CCS staff Zheng Chunsheng attended the symposium and presented athesis on Pan Maoyuan’s Contributions to higher education.


Atthe symposium, Pan said that he was willing to share information and ideas with all the attendeds. He pointed out that the symposium offered scholars a fascinating chance to brainstorm solutions to problems in higher education. Pansaid that what he had achieved should owe to the joint efforts of scholars now and then in the field of education.


As a celebrated educationist and one of main founders of high education pedagogy in China, Pan, aged 95, proposed to set up higher education pedagogy as a new discipline in the 1950s in order to advance the reform and development of higher education and improve the quality of higher education. His proposal won concerns and support of the circle of higher education in China after Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party Central Committee (1978). The Nation Council's degree committee classified higher education pedagogy as an independent subject of second class formally in 1984. Higher Education Pedagogy that Pan edited has established the foundation of this new discipline.


Lin Huiqing, assistant minister of the Ministry of Education, highly praised Pan’s achievements in a congratulatory letter. She wrote that as one of the pioneers in the development of China’s higher education, Pan had enormously contributedto the country’s educational reform and development. She also extended gratitude to what Pan had achieved on behalf of the Ministry of Education.


Zhang Yan, secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen University, said that it was a great honor for Xiamen University to have such a celebrated educationist. He noted that Pan had promoted China’s higher education to a new level and should be regarded as the model for scholars.


Qu Zhenyuan, president of China Association of Higher Education, Zhong Binglin, president of the Chinese Society of Education, Guo Jianlei, deputy director-general of Shandong Provincial Education Department, Fan Yuejin, secretary of the Party Committee of University of Jinan, Wu Yan, director of Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, Huang Daren, former president of Sun Yat-sen University and Yang Deguang, former president of Shanghai Normal University attended the symposium.



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