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Canadian Economist Lectures at CCS

October 14, 2014—On October 14, Canadian former senior tax officer, Donald Drummond, recommended by Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou, gave a lecture with the theme of “The influence of TPP on APEC and FTAAP” in GDUFS.


He began the lecture with the economic differences between Canada and U.S. and also briefly introduced the features of Canada’s economy and foreign trade. He emphasized that Canada’s economy is not exactly the same to the economy of U.S. by showing some of Canada’s trade and economic policies. He described, in a humorous way, how Canada’s economic mechanism and productivity can affect the currency exchange rate. Then he associated China’s economic growth with Canada’s economy. He pointed out the changes in unemployment rate and national income increase ratein Canada after his country began foreign trade and how these changes affect Canadian government’s ways of economic studies.


His lectureis of great importance to the teachers and students in GDUFS, especially to CSS. It overthrows our stereotypical perceptions on Canada’s economy and is meaningful to the study of Canada’s economic and trade issues and the writing of next year’s Blue Book on Canada.


The lecture was co-hosted by CCS and Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou.


Donald Drummond is a guest professor of Queen’s University in Canada now. He was once the Senior Vice President and chief economist of  TD Bank in Canada. After leaving his position in 2010, he travels around the world and gives lectures onglobal economy. His opinions on economy and policies are wildly adopted by western media.



Prof. Tang Xiaosong presides over the lecture.


Donald Drummond gives his lecture.


Students listen to the lecture carefully.


Donald Drummond lectures to the studentsand teachers.


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