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CCS wins the title of “advanced group”

Sept. 12, 2014 –  CCS was honored with one of the twelve “advanced groups” of Guangdong  University of Foreign Studies(GDUFS) of the 2013-2014 school year on  September 9, one day before the 30th National Teacher’s Day.


Zhong Weihe,  president of GDUFS, remarked that CCS had completed its construction in terms  of team, facilities, system, data, official website as well as its personnel  training platform within a short time and had yielded many cutting-edge  scientific outcomes recorded in Annual Report on the Development of  Canada(2014),which caught attention of Canadian government and media and  would promote China’s research on Canada.


As one of  the cultivation bases for regional and national studies of the Ministry of  Education, CCS in GDUFS will adhere to the era mission endowed by the nation,  the society and the school and make due contributions to the building of  national think tank.


Thesilk banner of “Advanced Group”


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