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Université de Moncton professor visits CCS

June 10, 2015 – On June 9, Samira Belyazid, professor of Université de Moncton in Canada, visited CCS and gave a speech on the theme of “French Language inCanada: the situation of the New-Brunswick Acadians”.

Beginning with the introduction of Canada, Belyazid, explained that linguistic duality in Canada referred to only French and English. Then she began to detail the situation of francophone in Canada in terms of acts related to linguistic duality, factors explaining the presence of French in Canada, types of French speakers and origins of French Canadians.

Belyazid then moved to introduction of Acadian, a French dialect in Canada, including introduction of New Brunswick, which is the settlement of Acadians, French origins of Acadians, sociolinguistic situation of New Brunswick and particularities of traditional Acadian.

“Since 1990s, several factors have led to a more positive attitude toward the French speakers in Acadia in all their diversity,” said Belyazid when she concluded the speech, “such as major international events like the Francophone Summit and the World Congress of Acadians, researches on the sociolinguistic situation of Acadia in New Brunswick and the growing Francophone immigration to Canada.”

Tang Xiaosong, director of CCS, Wang Shuyan, researcher of Center for Lexicographical Studies and other CCS staff attended the lecture.


Prof. Tang gives Samira Belyazid Annual Report on the Development of Canada (2015)

Samira Belyazid takes a group photo with CCS staff



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